Product Review: Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion

Shielding lotion Uses, Ingredients and Safety.

Although my skin has always been sensitive, I never experienced any eczema (or severe dry skin) until I was pregnant with Liam.  While my skin glowed during my pregnancy with Riley, Liam left the skin on my legs thirsty, cracked, and prone to bleeding, with patches of eczema around my ankles.  2 years later I am still trying to get back to normal!  I love him anyway, but it’s time to resolve the eczema.


A few weeks ago, I was asked to review Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion. At this point, I will try anything!  I have spent a lot of money on potential “cures” for my eczema, only to end up sticking with Vaseline.  After visiting the website to learn more about the product, I decided to give it a try.  I’m really glad I did.


Here are a few words from Skin MD:


“There are thousands of skin irritants in our modern environment that didn’t exist even 50 years ago. These irritants can strip the protective barrier off your skin causing dry skin, eczema and other skin problems. These changes in our environment have brought about the need for a new type of dry skin care solution – a shielding lotion.

Shampoos, antibacterial soaps, cosmetics, fragrances, colorants and other irritants bombard and penetrate the skin. These harsh chemicals and irritants can break down the skin’s natural protective ability. Some strip away moisture, while others lodge in the pores where they cause irritation and other negative reactions.

Unfortunately, conventional lotions have one basic goal – to simply make up for the moisture that our bodies are losing by adding an artificial source of moisture. Many common household products including soaps, are absorbed directly into the skin, causing dry cracked skin and other skin disorders. Also, when participating in other activities from gardening to painting, furniture restoration to fishing, or exposure to harsh weather, you are further drying and irritating your skin. Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion helps to break the dry skin cycle by restoring skin’s natural moisture and protection.”


The goal of a shielding lotion is to provide a natural barrier on top of the skin to protect it from chemicals, irritants, and even hard water.  I decided to try the shielding lotion for three weeks before evaluating the results.  Sean is prone to dry skin under his watchband, so he also gave it a try.


The results are in:  Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion rocks!  Shielding lotion feels different than a moisturizer with the first application.  It feels like you’re wearing a protective layer, although it’s completely non-greasy.  The directions indicate usage every 2-8 hours until moisture is restored, and then once every 12-24 hours.  The best news is that a very small amount goes a very long way, so a 4oz bottle lasts forever!


Within a week, Sean and I both noticed considerable improvement (his dry skin was almost completely resolved).  After three weeks of twice daily usage, my skin is no longer dry, and the patches of eczema are a thing of the past.


I am in awe of this product.  I thought I had tried everything, but Skin MD Natural Skin Shielding Lotion is the first skin care product that actually followed through on its promise.  Practical Parenting recommends this product for busy moms on the go who suffer from excessive dry skin due to the many environmental irritants that we come in contact with every day.


Just in case that’s not enough, Skin MD Natural Skin Shielding Lotion is eco-friendly and manufactured in a 100% solar facility…you just can’t argue with that!


Visit to find a store that carries this product in your neighborhood.


Skin MD Natural sent me a free trial of this product for review.  I was not compensated for this review.





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