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I almost didn’t do it.  I almost stopped myself from linking up with so many of my blogging buddies for this one.  But then I read through a number of the posts already linked up to Shell’s amazing Rockin’ The Baby link up this week and decided that I had to share my babies too. How could I miss this one?  I worked long and hard to have my babies…they should join the fun too!

Riley came first.  She was truly a miracle to us, after two miscarriages and nearly three years of trying.

Riley Ann (three days old)

I look at her now and I can’t believe it.  She’s 4 1/2 years old!  She’s sweet, energetic, talkative (make that very talkative), athletic, creative, imaginative, and beautiful beyond belief (ok, so I’m a bit biased).

Riley Ann (4 1/2 years old...what happened to my baby?)

Another miscarriage and 21 months later, Liam arrived.  After the third miscarriage, we worried that Riley would be on her own. There are no words to describe how truly grateful we were when Liam was born.  Riley loved him from the minute she saw him (except when he learned how to grab her stuff…that came as a shock).

Liam James (three days old)

2 1/2 years later, Liam is now fond of telling me that he’s not actually a baby anymore.  “I’m a big guy mommy”, is his favorite quote. But sometimes he lets me get away with it.  I suspect that he likes being my baby at times.  Liam is a love.  He’s mellow, kind, obsessed with cars, funny (he’s the joker of the family, much like his Papa), talkative (make that just as talkative as his sister), energetic, and possibly a little bit musical (only time will tell on that one, but he can belt out a number of John Mayer songs word for word without any assistance and can name many tunes in four notes).

Liam James (2 1/2 years old...still my matter what he says!)

They are my sweet little babies (no matter how big they are).

This is their favorite pose..."look at this hug, Mommy!"

I almost didn’t do it.  It was almost too difficult.  About a month ago, I had yet another miscarriage.  This time, I was almost five months pregnant.  I am told that it was bizarre.  That it made no sense.  That it was exceedingly rare and never should have happened.  I wish that made it easier.  One month ago, I said goodbye to a baby boy.  A boy I had named.  A boy I had loved.  A boy I can’t get back.

When the nights are hard and it feels unfair, I have my two beautiful children to remind me that life is actually quite amazing.  I find happiness in them every day.  I find love and peace in our little family of four.  And, at the end of the day, that is more than enough.

Thank you Shell, for helping me remember that my babies will always be my babies.







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Katie Hurley is a Child, Adolescent, and Family Psychotherapist and Parenting Expert in Los Angeles, CA. She works in private practice in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, writes freelance for Everyday Family and allParenting, and blogs for The Huffington Post. She has a rock and roll husband and two kids. Katie believes in love, lattes, and the power of play.


  1. Mel @TheCandidParent says:

    Beautiful post. I am so sorry about your angel boy. Your babies are lovely!

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss!! I can only imagine the heartache. I’ve had miscarriages, but not at 5 months.
    But Riley & Liam are beautiful!!

  3. Oh this post really touched me. I have tears in my eyes. What a strong mother you are! I’m really glad you decided to share.

  4. I am so sorry for your loss. For your losses. *hugs*

    You do have beautiful babies and I’m so glad that you could take the time to reflect on how amazing they are.

  5. Oh I am crying for you right now. I know how hard this must have been to write. I know that seeing it in print is like facing reality all over again. So proud of your strength. Sending a million hugs your way.

  6. You are so brave to tell your story and bare your soul. So sorry for your losses. Your children are gorgeous. :)

  7. Oh, Katie. Thank you for sharing all of these stories. I also had a recent loss after repeated losses, we should chat. Hugs to you. Congratulations on your two loves! They are so sweet.

  8. I am so sorry for your losses. Your children are so beautiful. Thinking about you. xo

  9. kimberly h. says:

    very touching.. and so sorry for your loss. i’ve learned that you don’t realize how common miscarriage is until you have your own and speak with other woman about it. You have two beautiful children..

  10. I am so glad you did decide to share, that blogging peer pressure will get to you! Your two little ones are adorable. I am sorry for your loss.

  11. Katie,
    I am sitting here shaking with tears, thinking about how hard these last months have been for you, and how you have still been so committed to helping each of us that read your blog become better parents. What a kind and generous heart you have! And I am sorry it has been aching so. Thank you for sharing this with us. Riley and Liam are so beautiful, and they are lucky to have wonderful parents like you and Sean.

  12. I am so sorry for your loss. How difficult it must be to go through that many miscarriages. I am sending you many hugs.

    Also, Riley and Liam are adorable and I love their hug picture.

  13. I am so, so sorry for your loss. Writing about my miscarriage really helped. I hope your writing brings you relief, too.

    There is hope! Sending you a virtual rose from my memorial garden:

  14. I am so sorry for your loss.

    Your post is beautiful – your angel boy is in my thoughts!

  15. Thanks for having the encourage to share your story in this post. Truly sorry for your loss.

  16. Jo_blue says:

    My heart breaks for you, there are no words. Thankyou for sharing such a personal part of you. Hugs to you and your beautiful babies. I’m reflecting on my own two with a new sense of gratefulness.

  17. So sorry for the losses….but Riley and Liam are breathtaking. Hugs to you, mama. Those “babies” are gorgeous!

  18. So sorry to hear about your angel babies <3 I feel so blessed that you shared this with us, though I know it had to be really difficult. You are awesome and I am learning more and more from your posts. Riley and Liam are absolutely adorable!

  19. The sadness we share that reaches so deep in our souls …
    No words at all for your losses sweet friend, but I understand too well …
    wish only blessings upon you and your lovely children xxx

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