Project Happy Week 7

The more time I spend focusing on the small moments of happiness each day, the more I realize that these small moments are absolutely everywhere!  It’s hard to record them when I’m so busy enjoying them…which is a very good thing.

Flowers blooming just a little bit early, the perfect latte made in the comfort of my own home, afternoons spent playing with our friends next door, a trip to the Pet Store that caused Liam to declare, “I love this special time with you”, and a nice home cooked dinner with my husband (who finally, finally took a day off).

And those new markers in the giant marker bin?  Those brought such happiness to my little ones, you would have thought that they had finally found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

We got back to doing our early morning pajama walks, which are often difficult when school is in session, and the kids were thrilled to be out in the early morning sunshine.  We walked and talked and collected beans….it was heaven.

Riley really enjoys making videos.  She recently started doing some “how to” videos, I think in response to videos posted on this site.  This video on “how to have good manners at a fancy dinner party” made my week.  Cutest thing ever.  Truly.  Enjoy!

Inspired by a funny Liam quote, I asked the Practical Parenting Facebook community to start sending in a Friday Funny: A quote, picture, or video of one of your children that made you laugh during the week.  I promised to share my favorite of the week in my Project Happy post.  It’s a good one…hope you enjoy it too!

Sent in by Narrell B.: Mr 6 and his brother had been playing in my car. I was cross so sent them to their room while I collected myself. When I went in there, I told them quite sternly that it was not safe, nor okay for them to play there, and they weren’t to do it again. Mr 6 raised his hand and said quite dramatically, “Testify!”

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