Project Happy Weeks 26 & 27

Two weeks in one!  Obviously…I’m constantly behind these days.  And staying away from my computer as much as humanly possible.  Because what’s fun about being glued to my laptop every day?  This is not a trick question.  The answer actually is…not much!

But lots of fun moments to share…so let’s get started.

Riley hosted her very first lemonade stand.  She has been begging to both have a lemonade stand and “adopt” an endangered animal, so we decided to combine her two goals and accept donations (because apparently some cities are cracking down on lemonade sales…what has the world come to?) in exchange for her tasty lemonade (with maybe just a hint of help from Paul Newman).

If Sean had even a shred of pride left, it’s long gone now.  Nothing screams daddy like dancing in the street with a pitcher of lemonade to help find customers.  Also?  The nice man who stopped and donated $7 because, “he always appreciates hard work” is my new favorite person.  Clearly he has been on the other side of the stand at some point.  And the nice man from the Department of Recreation who told Riley to keep the change because he always wants to help endangered animals warms my heart.  This is why we live in the small town in the big city.

While Riley’s original intention was to adopt a rainforest animal, she fell in love with a Barn Owl when perusing the adoptable animals through the National Wildlife Federation, and was horrified to learn that these particular owls are low on trees (“at least they have the barns, but we have to buy them some trees, Mommy!”)

She raised $20 to save an owl, and we matched her donation.  Five days later, this arrived in the mail:

Can you just melt over the pride in her eyes?  Truly, I am so very proud of her.  And amazed by her can-do spirit…let’s just say it was a slow start…  Hoot has adjusted well to life at the beach and Riley has a memory to last her a lifetime.

Liam decided to sit out the lemonade stand…but he is very proud of his new shoes.  He will probably tell you about them 37 times if you happen to run into him.  What can I say?  The boy loves cars.

The Fourth of July was a wonderful day.  We went to the park to join in with our community celebration.  The kids were crazy for confetti eggs…I think the town officials are just a little bit crazy for allowing them.

Liam and I ran in the three-legged race together.  I thought that I would have to carry him and hop, thereby making it a one-legged race, but he was amazing!  We didn’t even come close to winning, but we laughed the whole way and we didn’t fall once.

After heading home for some quiet time and some homemade ice cream (yum…I’m never going back to store bought), we went back to the park to eat a picnic dinner while listening to an outdoor concert.  This is where Liam truly started to enjoy the day…


And we ended the night with some fireworks viewed right from our own front balcony…

What made you happy this week?


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