Elective C-Sections on Huffington Post


Many of you have followed along when I’ve shared my infertility story.  You’ve been kind with your words and generous with your understanding.  I’ve always appreciated the support I found when I finally dared to talk about it.  Infertility is emotional, lonely, and confusing.  It’s hard to utter the word out loud and terrifying to wait for a response.

The one part of the story that I haven’t told so far is that I actually chose to have a C-Section.  After numerous complications and pre-term bleeding and cramping that left me trapped in my house for nearly three months while I willed my little girl to stay in there, I was anxious and fearing the worst.

When I finally asked my doctor about it, he was supportive and understanding.  He didn’t push me either way.  He gave me information and listened as I talked my way through it.

But I had a hard time talking to friends and family about it.  Elective C-Sections are often viewed as selfish – for would-be moms who don’t want to do the work.

That wasn’t it for me.  I was secretly petrified.  I had been through loss and treatments and nearly three years of wanting and trying and anxiety and sadness…and I just wanted her to enter this world without complications.  I just wanted to hold her and hear her cries and soothe her little soul.

I made a choice that was right for me.  Years later, I learned that my instincts were correct.  That my uterus simply doesn’t function properly, and I never would have given birth vaginally.

But I made my choice before I had that information – and that left me somewhat isolated as people judged and tried to convince me otherwise.

Today I am over that the Huffington Post (eek!  Can you believe it?) talking about the importance of choices – and why women need to support one another in the difficult decisions they sometimes make.

Won’t you join me?  Please stop by the Huffington Post…I look forward to seeing you there!

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Katie Hurley is a Child, Adolescent, and Family Psychotherapist and Parenting Expert in Los Angeles, CA. She works in private practice in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, writes for PBS Parents, Washington Post Parents, and the Huffington Post. She is the author of "The Happy Kid Handbook: How to Raise Joyful Children in a Stressful World" (Tarcher/Penguin, 2015) and "No More Mean Girls: The Secret to Raising Strong, Confident, and Compassionate Girls" (Penguin Random House, 2018)