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It was a busy week around here – around everywhere, really.  As much as I try to introduce each article individually, some weeks fly by before I even have a chance to let you know what I’ve been writing about.  This was one of those weeks!

So here goes…

Over at allParenting

If you missed this story about Bailey O’Neill, the little boy who recently died after sustaining serious injuries at the hands of his bullies, you need to read it. While the family is still waiting to hear if the direct attack that left him with a a fractured nose and severe concussion is what led to the seizures that ultimately left him on life support, I can tell you this:  The seizures began after the attack on the playground.  Either way, we need a revolution.  Schools need to do better.  Parents and schools need to work together.  Please stop by and read about Bailey and what we can do to put a stop to bullying.

If you worry that child lacks the ability to assert herself, you’ll want to read this article.  As much as we need to teach our kids to be empathic, kind, and respectful, we also need to teach them how to assert their needs.  It took me a very long time to find my voice, and I can only hope that my kids find theirs sooner in life.  While my tendency to advocate for myself doesn’t always sit well with others, I try my best to assert my needs in a calm and respectful way – and I model this to my children every chance I get.  Stop by and check this article on teaching assertiveness skills.

Over at Everyday Family

Little kids have big feelings and coping with frustration is hard work.  Stop by and check out 6 Ways to Help Children Cope with Frustration to learn a few strategies.  Your kids will thank you!

And…from crazy skinny dolls to mixed messages in the media, little girls are struggling with body image at a very young age these days.  Stop by to see how you can help your daughter develop and maintain a healthy body image.

I hope you enjoyed a lovely weekend, and hopefully some of this helps your family in some small way!

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