For Your Favorite Chef: Frigidaire for Target

I have a love/hate relationship with toaster ovens.  As much as I realize that probably sounds strange (I mean who really has a relationship with a toaster oven, anyway?), it’s true.

I love the idea of the toaster oven.  No more shoving an oversized bagel into a traditional toaster only to have it pop up two minutes later – not looking toasted at all.  I love that you can reheat food in them without use of the microwave (because what  is that doing to us?).  I love that toaster ovens are quick and convenient for busy families.

When they function properly.  My mom has a theory about toaster ovens.  She’s fairly certain that a toaster oven, no matter the brand, is only good for three years at the most.  The day after that warranty expires…the toaster oven is toast.  I tend to agree.  I’ve tried them all.  From the traditional doesn’t do much other than toast toaster oven to the fancy allegedly roasts a chicken convection oven (no way).  They’ve all lasted 2-3 years and have proved a disappointment (to my kitchen and my wallet).

What all of the obsessive talk about toaster ovens?

Frigidaire recently launched a new line of professional small appliances at Target and, wow, I am impressed.  As you know, I love to cook and bake.  With the food allergies running through this little family of four, I make everything, and I do mean everything, from scratch.  I rely on appliances that work.

Frigidaire sent me a a few items from this new line to try out in my very busy kitchen.  The Infrared Convection Oven (available at Target for $149.99), is amazing.  As advertised, it cooks everything to perfection the first time around.  It’s big enough for a 12 inch pizza and does not require any preheating time.  I am in LOVE.



They also sent me the Professional 5-in-1 Griddle (available at Target for $129.99), which is all kinds of awesome.  I love the extra large cooking space, and the separate temperature controls make is super easy to cook two different things at once (bacon and eggs, anyone?).  I don’t know about you, but I have two bacon lovers in my house and this is the perfect tool for cooking crispy bacon.

For the smoothie lovers (or margarita, either way) out there, this new line at Target also features the 5-Speed Glass Jar Blender (available at Target for $129.99).  I know that the right blender can truly make a difference when whipping up that morning smoothie, and this one looks great.  Also?  It’s actually very pretty – no need to hide this one when you have friends over!

In addition to these wonderful products, the people at Frigidaire are really nice (and clearly very generous).  I love it when companies make themselves available to help and genuinely want customers to feel not just satisfied, but happy.

And because they are so generous…they also offered to gift one of these new professional small appliances to a friend of mine.  It won’t be long before my sister finds this incredible Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker (available at Target for $99.99) at her door!  Who doesn’t love a morning cup of coffee brewed to perfection and kept nice and warm in the carafe?  Trick question.  Everybody loves that.

But the generosity doesn’t stop there.  Are you ready for it?

Firigidaire wants to give one of these professional small kitchen appliances to one of you!  One lucky reader will get to choose from one of the four appliances mentioned (shown below).  How’s that for a little Mother’s Day treat?

Frigidaire Collage

As you know, I don’t do a lot of product placement around here.  You guys read my words and seek my advice, and I never wanted to clog this feed with items that wouldn’t be of use to you.  But busy mamas need great cooking appliances, and these professional small kitchen appliances are both reasonably priced at Target (you know you’re going there this week, anyway) and fantastic.  Honestly?  I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Frigidaire – products and company.

How do you win?

It’s simple (you know how I loathe complicated).  Leave me a comment below and tell me how your product of choice will simplify your cooking routine.  Make sure that I have your email address so that I can track you down if you’re the lucky winner!

Contest is open until May 14th at 8pm PST.  Spread the word and get your entry in!

Contest is open to U.S. residents only.

Disclosure:  Frigidaire sent me the Convection Oven and the 5-in-1 Griddle to try in my kitchen.  They also sent the Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker to my sister as a gift.  All of the opinions in the post are my own.  I’m telling you…I am in love with that Convection Oven!

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  1. That 5-in-1 looks fabulous for Sunday morning pancakes and bacon! Our stovetop griddle is so warped and it’s such a pain to clean four different pans. Plus, convenient to store and clean so we can make awesome sandwiches and even dinner…and yes, it looks safe enough for my 10 year old to learn to use (with supervision, of course). Love it!!

    (Bonus: my birthday is May 14th. If I get this, it will not only be a great Mother’s Day present, but it will do double duty. I know they say never to buy a woman anything with a plug for a gift…but the exception is when that woman asks.) :)

    Thanks, Katie!
    Kate recently posted..First Check-In: HeidiMy Profile

  2. So, I watched the 5-in-1 video…yeah….the husband is deploying in the not-so-distant future and there will be no grilling happening, so I think I may have to get one of those for the house. Dishwasher safe too? Lazy woman’s dream! :-)

    I hear you on product placements on the blog, but when it makes your life easier like this, totally worth the share. :-)
    Nicole @MTDLBlog recently posted..A Little Time AwayMy Profile

  3. I love the 5 in 1 griddle. It would be perfect for all our Saturday and Sunday morning breakfasts. Our BBQ also bit the big one and we haven’t had a lot of grilling time around here. I’d love to have that option again :)

  4. that Convection Oven looks amazing…. like you, toaster ovens and i dont usually get along… well, we do, until they decide it’s time to leave me… which happens way too often.

  5. The blender would be awesome for all the green smoothies I make my family drink. :)
    Jessica recently posted..Humbly Asking For Your HelpMy Profile

  6. Catherine says:

    I think I would have to go with the Convection Oven. One of our twins has nut allergies, and like you said, the amount of cooking and baking from scratch ( or in my case “attempts” at cooking and baking!) have gone up dramatically!

  7. i’d love Infrared Convection Oven. sounds amazing- nothing better than reheating in the toaster oven we have (which btw is at its 3 yr mark next month!) the only way to get spinach in my kid- frozen spinach and feta pizza, which cooks beautifully in a toaster oven that takes 1/4 of the time to preheat than my oven dose. an inferred convection oven with no preheat time!? could my life possibly get any easier and efficient?!?!

  8. Mary-Beth says:

    Ok, I’ll play…3 years ago our microwave oven died. My husband, being from a small island in Denmark, never used a microwave. His family has always believed in living a green life, with natural heating systems and root cellars to keep potatoes and ‘root’ veggies fresh throughout the year. When our microwave died, my husband suggested that we do not get a new one and being environmentally aware and in trying to live a cleaner life, we decided not to replace it. Instead, we take a little more time and reheat everything in the oven or on stove top. I actually find that I do not miss the microwave at all and especially like the family time we can spent together while our dinner is reheating.
    I think the Infrared Convection Oven would be perfect for us! Rather than heating up a big oven and wasting energy, this smaller oven would heat more efficiently. I also think for a small family of 3, it makes so much more sense to have a smaller option. I think we would use it all the time and if it’s as good as you say, we can cook just about anything in it!

  9. Jenny Rolston says:

    Great article. The convection oven would be great! My old school toaster oven and microwave are both about to bite the dust!

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