Get Fit with C9 for Target! (Giveaway)


It’s no big secret that busy moms sometimes struggle to take care of themselves.  With kids and jobs and meals and laundry and some version of cleaning and never ending viruses…who has the time?

The two “me” things I’ve always taken seriously since my daughter first arrived over 6 years ago (wow, it almost pains me to write that number) are showering and exercise.  I’ve never once been the “I don’t have time for a shower” mom over the years and I’ve always managed to stay active.  When the kids were tiny…I walked.  A lot.  Like three really long walks per day, minimum.  I even bought those Reebok shape-up shoes and combined running and walking around town.

What else do you do with little ones when your husband is on tour?  You run walk until your legs practically fall off.

But then the kids tired of the stroller routine, and I had to change it up.  So I did.

I got back to my good friend, the elliptical, and ran while they drank milk.  To this day, I still run during milk and Mighty Machines.  Incidentally, if you have any questions about construction trucks at all…I’m you’re girl.

So yes, I take care of me.  I get my exercise (because, honestly?  I won’t sleep if I don’t) and I have mastered the art of the super fast shower with an audience.  I’m good.

Here’s where I fall short:  I don’t ever buy the proper exercise clothes for me.  My kids always have supportive sneakers and comfy clothes to play, climb, or dance in.  My husband has new sneakers for his daily run and some updated shorts, running pants, and sweatshirts that aren’t worn and tattered.  But me?  Embarrassing.  While it might seem like updated workout clothes while working out at home aren’t really essential, they kind of are…

I don’t know about you, but the right gear motivates.  When I have workout clothes that fit and feel right, I’m more likely to push a little harder.  When I have sneakers that aren’t, say, 8 years old…my knees don’t hurt.  And when I can sneak in some yoga, because yoga makes my world a better place, I feel a little better with yoga pants that aren’t practically in shreds.

So when my friends at Target sent me a box of amazing C9 gear for me and the kids?  I couldn’t have been more excited.  Added bonus – I got to spend the day playing and chatting all things family and exercise with two of my favorite girls, Jenny Feldon and Soleil Moon Frye.  The kids and I put on our new cute C9 by Champion gear and headed down to one of our favorite play spaces, AdventurePlex in Manhattan Beach, for a morning of fun!


You see what I’m saying about the sporty, fitted workout gear?  So much better than what my poor husband usually sees…




Pardon the fuzzy picture…they did NOT stop moving all day!

There were some great people at the event and the kids had a blast playing in the gym and climbing the enormous, slightly anxiety-producing (for the moms, that is) climbing structure.

And, of course, we compared C9 gear and talked about how great it felt and looked.


All in all, it was a great day of family fitness.

We love family fitness on the weekends.  Park time, bike rides, long walks, swimming…we are an active family and we love to be active together.  And the right gear makes those active adventures that much better.

Check out this great video with Soleil highlighting the event and the C9 collection.

And now…a little something for one of you!

I have a $100 gift card for one U.S. Practical Parenting reader so that you can get some amazing C9 gear and get fit!

To enter the giveaway:

Leave me a comment here and tell me what your family does to stay active.  How do you get out and moving as a family?

A winner will be chosen on Friday, May 24th at 8pm PST.  Get those comments in!


Disclosure:  Target sent C9 by Champion clothes and shoes to me and the kids as part of my affiliation with the Target Inner Circle.  The C9 event was sponsored by Target.  However…all opinions in this post are my own.  I do love my new C9 gear and feel great wearing it!

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