My Kind of Holiday: The Kid Detective (Giveaway!)


Many kids write a holiday list sometime around the beginning of December.  They tend to have certain “must have” items in mind.  But you might find that those must have items change as the holiday approaches.  It can be hard to figure out what they really want versus what they want because someone else has it right now.  And once you do figure out a specific list…then you have to figure out where to hide everything.  What’s a mom to do?

That’s where Target comes in.  The first thing you want to do is look through Target’s Kids’ Gift List to find the perfect gifts for your little (and not so little) ones.  Then you need to think about storing the gifts in sneaky spots and creative presentation.

This year Target teamed up with retired CIA intelligence officer Jonna Mendez to help moms determine what gifts their kids want the most this holiday season – and how to possibly store those gifts when the kids seem to be just about everywhere…

Jonna is both a mother and a grandmother, too, so she knows a thing or two about preparing for the holidays!

I followed a few of Jonna’s tips on hiding gifts around the house, and I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful hiding places that I never even considered prior to this little exercise.

Check this out:


Target Kids’ Detective Tips: Clever Storage Phase

Shopping and finding the perfect gifts are only half the battle, now you need to find clever ways to hide the gifts without the kids finding them!  Since Santa visits my house, looking for hidden gifts isn’t really an issue…but still, you have to find the best spots (birthdays require gift storage, too).

  • Kids’ Gift Detective Tip #1:  Hide the gifts in plain sight.  Parents often go to great lengths to hide gifts in what tend to be the most obvious places for kids to look (or they lose them – I wouldn’t know anything about that, though).  Try hiding gifts in boxes that are always stored in the garage or laundry room, under the sink behind the “do not touch” cleaning products, or in the linen closet behind the guest towels.  Kids expect gifts to be completely hidden and not easily accessible.
  • Kids’ Gift Detective Tip #2:  Disguise the gifts as everyday items.  For smaller gifts, try hiding them in your sock drawer…inside the socks.  Or consider hiding them in a healthy box of “mom and dad” cereal that the kids won’t touch.  For larger gifts, hide them in suitcases that are rarely used.
  • Kids’ Detective Tip #3:  Hide the gifts at someone else’s house.  If you have older kids or kids that are sneaky, ask a relative or friend to store your top gifts.  Or how about at the office?

Be sure to visit ABullseyeView for more great Kid’s Detective tips! (Seriously, though, that post is super cute and includes great ideas – like invisible ink, just saying.)

I had a great time finding sneaky hiding spots around my house (even if I almost dropped a really expensive bass on the hardwood floor…oops!).  The holiday season can be a bit overwhelming and stressful – playing Kid Detective will snap you right out of it and bring back the holiday magic!

I hope you’ll track me down on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and play along using the hashtag #mykindofholiday.  The nice people at Target are having a great time with this and truly enjoy seeing your pictures.

And now for a little extra holiday magic courtesy of my friends at Target…

One lucky U.S. reader will win a $25 Target gift card!!!!!

How do you enter?  Easy.

Leave me a comment below telling me your BEST Kid Detective tip.  You have to leave a tip to be entered to win, so get crafty and share your ideas!

Contest closes on December 6, 2013 at 8pm PST.  Get your entry in now!

Disclosure:  I am a member of the Target Inner Circle.  As such, I am given exclusive access to the brand and upcoming promotions.  As always, the opinions contained within this post are my own.  Play along!  It’s fun!


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