TIC Holiday 101: The Babysitter Checklist



Holiday season is officially in full swing (we even have some cooler temperatures out here in SoCal to show for it), and today I have some important tips when it comes to leaving your kids with babysitters or other caregivers during holiday time.  This Target Inner Circle Holiday 101 post is written in support of Target’s My Kind of Holiday campaign, but the information is written specifically for all of you.

The holiday season brings endless to-do lists, multiple parties, and presents to purchase, wrap, and hide.  Chances are the you will need a babysitter a few times to give you some much-needed space to do all of that purchasing, wrapping, and hiding…and maybe even to attend a party or two without bringing the whole crew along.

Whether you rely on family, use a trusted babysitter who knows the kids well, or bring someone new into the mix (holiday time can make it difficult to book your favorites), it’s important to have a very specific plan and list of numbers at the ready.  Holiday season is also flu season, sleep deprivation season, and overstimulation season.  The more you prepare your caregivers, the better off your kids will be.  And it will also give you peace of mind.

Enter the babysitter checklist. A specific list of phone numbers, schedules, mealtimes, and other activities can truly east the transition and help keep your home happy and healthy.

The Babysitter Checklist 

  • Your mobile phone # (don’t assume it’s stored and/or easy to locate).
  • Your plan (where you’re headed, even if it includes multiple stops)
  • Pediatrician’s phone number including an after-hours line or procedure for paging
  • Your nearest PREFERRED urgent care center (include the phone number and directions)
  • Phone # for the nearest friend or relative who can be there in ten minutes or less.  Let them know they’re on call.
  • Phone numbers for poison control, local police department, and local fire department.  (Did you know that calling 911 from your mobile phone means the call bounces off the nearest tower and might not get to the nearest police station or fire department?  Program local #’s into your phone for faster response time.)
  • Medications your child needs (or might need) with SPECIFIC instructions
  • Location of medical items:  Thermometer, fever reducers, nebulizers, inhalers, etc.  Make it easy on them!
  • FOOD ALLERGIES!!!!!  List ALL food allergies, even if you think that your babysitter already knows them.
  • Approved snack list. This is particularly important for parents of children with food allergies.  Take the guesswork out of snack time by preparing the snacks ahead of time or posting an approved list on the fridge.
  • Bedtime routine:  Be specific here.  If your child likes three renditions of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star before bed, say that.  Exhaustion and overstimulation can trigger separation anxiety.
  • Favorite hiding places.  Some kids hide when they’re sad or worried.
  • Meal schedules.  Help reduce hunger-related meltdowns by sticking to a schedule.  Plan meals ahead and the time that your kids normally eat.
  • Downtime activities.  Babysitters and caregivers can be fun.  But when the fun never ends it can result in overstimulation and exhaustion.  Provide a list of quiet time activities and transitional activities to help the kids decompress.
  • Screen time rules:  Leave a list of approved TV shows and length of TV time allowed.

When it comes to downtime activities for the kids, Target has you covered with crafting kits and other art supplies.  Everything from gingerbread house kits to foam Santa’s Workshop kits will keep your kids crafting and calm while mom and dad are away!


Time spent crafting and creating and having fun at home?  Now that’s #mykindofholiday!


Little hands having fun always make a holiday merry and bright…


What did I miss?  What’s on your babysitter checklist?

Disclosure:  As a member of the Target Inner Circle (TIC), I am given exclusive access to the brand and promotions so that I can get the information to you.  I was given crafting materials to get my kids in the holiday crafting spirit.  As always, all opinions in this post are my own.  

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Katie Hurley is a Child, Adolescent, and Family Psychotherapist and Parenting Expert in Los Angeles, CA. She works in private practice in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, writes for PBS Parents, Washington Post Parents, and the Huffington Post. She is the author of "The Happy Kid Handbook: How to Raise Joyful Children in a Stressful World" (Tarcher/Penguin, 2015) and "No More Mean Girls: The Secret to Raising Strong, Confident, and Compassionate Girls" (Penguin Random House, 2018)


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