Happy Kids on HuffPost Live!


Let me start by saying that I am humbled by the response to my latest article on the Huffington Post, “7 Secrets of Highly Happy Children“.  The fact that happiness made front page news warms my heart and gives me hope.  Many thanks to all who have read and shared the happy.

This morning, HuffPost Live News interviewed me about my article.  We chatted about all things happy and how to help kids experience greater happiness, even during times of stress.  I hope you’ll take a moment to check it out.


Thanks, as always for your readership and support.  I hope you’re having a happy summer and soaking in every last moment before the new school year begins.

Badly Behaved Parents on HuffPost Live

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If you have tweens or teens…you might want to check this one out!

Today on HuffPost Live – how much should you tell your kids about your past?  How honest is too honest?

This was a great chat – super fun and informative.  Check it out!

Filterhood on HuffPost Live


It was an interesting chat on HuffPost Live today.  How do we parent in the digital age?  Where do we set limits?  Does honesty work?

I could sit here and give you my take, but I’ll let you see for yourself.  It was a lively chat with some great points made on all sides.  Enjoy!

Kids and Addiction on HuffPost Live


All families are different.  All kids are different.  Different issues, different needs, different areas to work on…

But one thing is consistent across families:  When addiction strikes, it is difficult to cope with and treat.

It’s hard to know where to turn and what to say.

On this HuffPost Live segment, I spoke with an addiction expert, two parents, and a young man now in recovery.  I have to warn you – this was a tough one.  I did not see eye to eye with the addiction expert when it came down to getting treatment for teens struggling with addiction.  Because when it comes to treating teens and families, there is no black and white – there are one million blurry shades of grey.

This is an important segment in that it brings to light some significant issues affecting many families.  It’s time to talk.  It’s time be open.  It’s time to stop feeling ashamed.

I hope you’ll take the time to watch…


HuffPost Live: Playdates and Mom Friends


First of all, Stephanie Lemelin’s new show, Playdate, on AOL.on looks hilarious.  As in stop what you’re doing and watch it immediately funny.

Second, I chatted with Stephanie and a couple of other great moms today on HuffPost Live.  We discussed playdates and making mom friends…I just know you have a story of your own!

Check it out:

But then head over to AOL.on and check out Stephanie on Playdate…what mom doesn’t need a good mommy laugh right now?!?!

HuffPost Live: Daddy and Me


Today on HuffPost Live – why is there a stigma attached to paternity leave?  Should new dads be given more time off?  How can we encourage them to actually take it?

The first few months of life marks a critical period for infant/parent bonding.  Babies quickly learn who their parents are through scent, touch, and sound.  Rocking, cuddling, wearing, and soothing new babies promotes trust and relationship building.

Although more companies are offering paternity leave for new dads, many are cutting that leave short.

Take a look at this interesting discussion and then share your thoughts.  How can we help family leave become more family centered?

HuffPost Live: Nanny Stabbing

There are no words to describe the horrific story unfolding for the Krim family in New York City.  Marina Krim returned from a swimming class with her three year old daughter to find her six year old and two year old stabbed…allegedly by the nanny who was considered a member of the family.  The nanny was found holding the bloody knife in her hands, her own throat slit as well.  While the nanny remains on life support, the children were pronounced dead at the hospital.

As far as “parent’s worst nightmares” go…this probably tops the list.  While this particular kind of incident is most likely very rare, it does bring up many emotions and questions for parents everywhere.

We discussed many of these emotions on HuffPost Live today.  Take a look.

Please send thoughts and prayers to the Krim family as they try to move forward from this devastating situation.

HuffPost Live: HuffPost Screen Sense

This week HuffPost unveiled a new column, HuffPost Screen Sense.  Check out this great panel on HuffPost Live, where we discussed how to know when enough is enough and what to do about  media overload.

Bottom line:  Everything in moderation and charge those gadgets in one central location at night.


HuffPost Live: Kids Dressing in Drag

Don’t let the title fool you…this HuffPost Live panel discussed the positives of gender fluidity and letting your child choose what they want to wear for Halloween (even if your son is eyeing that Strawberry Shortcake costume or your daughter wants to be the Incredible Hulk).

Head on over to HuffPost Live to view the segment, then stop back here and let me know what you think!

HuffPost Live: Shame On You, Mom!

I made an appearance on HuffPost Live this week!  I joined an interesting panel, including a pediatrician and a nutritionist, to discuss childhood and parental obesity.

For the record, I’ve never been a big fan of shaming people.  Don’t let the title fool you…neither is the doctor who wrote the article that prompted the discussion.

It was a great panel and I enjoyed the discussion.  Check it out!

HuffPost Live:  Shame on You, Mom!