I Took The Mom Pledge…Will You?

I took The Mom Pledge.

A bloggy friend of mine started a new campaign with the hope of creating a positive online community for moms and to stand up against online mom bullying.  It’s hard to believe that we need to stand up against this kind behavior, but bullying knows no boundaries.

Everyone gets negative comments on their blog once in a while.  Sometimes it’s just a person voicing a different opinion.  Sometimes it’s not.

When done in an appropriate way, I think a difference of opinion is great.  We all come from different worldviews.  We can all help each other along the way.

My expertise is child development and parenting, but I know that there is no one right way to parent.  There is no perfect parent out there.  Parenting is a mixed bag.  I aim to provide guidance and a few easy strategies, but my advice won’t work for everyone.  And I make sure to read what other parenting experts are writing about, because I know that I can always learn more.

It saddens me that moms would use other blogs to vent their frustration and attack other moms.  One of my favorite things about this adventure in blogging is that I’ve met some amazing moms.  I’ve connected with incredible women all over the world.  I’ve helped some, and some have helped me.  I can’t imagine attacking any of these moms.  Ever.

I recently received a very negative comment by a mom who made no attempt to understand me.  She saw that I am married to a musician and jumped at the chance to say terrible things about him, a man she has never laid eyes on.  I have to admit, that one hurt.

A difference of opinion is healthy.  Talking about different ways to potty train, sleep train, feed little ones, or just survive motherhood is an excellent way to connect with people and share ideas.  But leaving angry, hateful comments is unacceptable.

I took The Mom pledge because I believe in community.  I believe in cheering each other on and offering support.  I believe in friendship.  And, above all, I believe that staying positive makes the world a better place.  I hope that you will join this already incredible group of moms and take The Mom Pledge.

For more information, visit The Mom Pledge here: http://www.efloraross.com/