Girls Can!

Girls can support each other!

What is “Girls Can!”?

Girls Can! is a series of workshops for elementary school girls in the Los Angeles area. At Girls Can, we believe that encouraging girls to work through the ups and downs of girlhood together helps girls practice lifting each other up.

Through a variety of interactive games, role plays, and creative projects, girls talk about all kinds of hot topics, including: Self-confidence, making and keeping friends, assertiveness, standing up for others, and many more. We focus on one key topic each week, but we also find that girls come to the group with ideas and topics they want to discuss!

At Girls Can, we believe that empowering girls to work together and providing tools to help cope with things like stress, friendship struggles, and low self-confidence gives girls the support they need to spread their wings and soar.

Why a girls group?

Research shows that girls experience a dip in self-esteem between the ages of 9-12, and that self-esteem doesn’t spike again until early adulthood. Low self-esteem puts girls at risk for anxiety, depression, social isolation and a number of negative behaviors, including disordered eating, early sexual activity, and cutting.

Groups like Girls Can normalize the mixed emotions that many young girls face each and every day. Together they can express their emotions, find their strengths, and learn to work together.

Join the fun!

Contact Katie for dates, times, and location. Groups are limited to 15 girls per session to give each girl a chance to shine. We can’t wait to hear from you!