Practical Moms Feature

I talk a lot about “Mom-Esteem”, my term for the way that we feel about ourselves as moms.  Some days are better than others, after all. I think one of the best ways to increase our mom-esteem is to work together as we navigate this parenting gig.  As a “Parenting Expert”, I tend to have a lot of tricks up my sleeve.  But as a busy mom, so do YOU!  If you have some practical strategies to share, please contact me about writing a guest post for my Practical Moms Feature.  I would love to have you, and we can all use a few new tricks from time to time.

Send an email with a brief description to: katiehurleylcsw(at)gmail(dot)com


The Practical Parenting community is waiting to hear from you!


P.s. I know, I talk A LOT about Moms, but Dads are always welcome here too!


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