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Parenting today has gotten far too complicated. With all the parenting information out there and the constant pressure to be the “perfect” parent, it seems as if many parents have lost track of one very important piece of the parenting puzzle: raising happy kids. A back-to-basics guide to parenting, The Happy Kid Handbook is a must-have for any parent hoping to raise confident, empathic and happy kids.

Book a “community read”!

The Happy Kid Handbook helps parents and educators empower kids to lead happy lives.  The Happy Kid Handbook covers everything from raising individuals to teaching assertiveness skills to empathy to stress management for kids and families (and then some!) This is an excellent resource for parents, schools and other organizations.

To book a “community read” for The Happy Kid Handbook:

  • Book Katie for a talk and book signing
  • Announce The Happy Kid Handbook as a selection for a community-wide read through your school or organization
  • Partner with a local bookstore

Book Katie today:

To schedule Katie to speak at your school or organization or to organize a community read, please fill out the contact form below.

General Information:

Speaking events typically include a 60-75 minute presentation followed by Q&A and book signing. Katie speaks at schools, community organizations, book clubs, and bookstores. Some highlights include: Kingswood-Oxford School, Center for Early Education, Saint Anastasia’s School, Mandell JCC, Good Beginnings of the Upper Valley with Dartmouth Medical Center, Beverly Glen Play Group, and more.

Katie does her best to tailor her content to your audience, but the following topics are always available:

  • Childhood stress and anxiety
  • Understanding the whole child
  • Building empathy and compassion
  • Raising strong, confident, and compassionate girls
  • Developing assertiveness skills and emotional regulation

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