Strategies in Action!

Liam identifying that he feels happy!

Feelings Charts: These charts (sold on can help children learn to identify their feelings, which can really decrease frustration.  Liam (2) uses this chart often!


Blowing up balloons: With two kids, 21 months apart, stressful moments arise.  My kids love balloons (are there kids who don’t?!).  I came up with this strategy to help them regroup when the going gets tough.  Asking them what color balloon they want to make forces them to stop and think about something else.  The act of blowing up the “balloon” helps them use deep breathing to relax their bodies, and their minds.  Watch the above video to see it in action.  Give it a try!


Cotton Ball Relaxation Game:  Looking for another way to teach relaxation breathing to squirmy kids?  All you need are a couple of straws, some cotton balls, and a flat surface.  See for yourself!

A simple chart makes a big difference!

Reward Charts:Reward charts work best when they are simple, with one goal at a time, and the rewards are immediate.  In this case, Riley earns a sticker and small prize from her prize box each time she puts herself to bed independently and a book after she earns five stickers.  Works like a charm!


Bedtime checklist

Checklists: Toddlers and preschoolers love to be responsible.  Checklists help them get through their own routines without much prompting…just remember to add visuals!

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