Filterhood on HuffPost Live


It was an interesting chat on HuffPost Live today.  How do we parent in the digital age?  Where do we set limits?  Does honesty work?

I could sit here and give you my take, but I’ll let you see for yourself.  It was a lively chat with some great points made on all sides.  Enjoy!

Tech Free Holiday

What’s the best tablet for toddlers?


It’s a question I see over and over again on Facebook and in my Twitter stream.


And it’s always followed by…


I want my phone/tablet back!


I won’t pretend that my kids are tech-free.  They’re not.  And I don’t think they should be.  They are growing up in a tech savvy world, and they shouldn’t be left behind.


But they are limited.  Ten-minute timers are the norm around here.  When the timer beeps, they hand it over.


They don’t argue.  They don’t beg for more.  And when they go seven days without any iPad time?  They don’t even seem to notice.


They would rather play with cars, trucks, dolls, and stuffed animals.  They would rather build zoos and create construction sites.  They would rather plant beans and dig up worms.  They would rather play board games and ride scooters.


They would rather create their own fun.


Just last night…a simple Dixie cup in the bathtub became both an excavator and a pet wash.  Their needs are simple…


When I see the holiday price cuts for the toddler tablets and hear moms discussing which is better and why…I can’t help but wonder why a toddler needs a tablet of his own in the first place…


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The Media Diet

There seem to be some conflicting views among parents of young kids when it comes to exposing our children to technology.  I say set clear limits but teach them to navigate the iPad, a laptop, or other similar devices because they are growing up in a tech savvy world (like it or not).  Some say a little TV is ok, but avoid the rest.  And others say no media at all…these young minds need only to activate their imaginations.  What do you think?

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