Project Happy Week 31

After a month of travel, which isn’t really much at all but somehow felt never-ending, Sean is back in town. And truly, I could just stop typing right now.  The kids are thrilled and I couldn’t be happier.

I missed these quiet moments with coffee and a just a little bass behind the conversation.  During the second half of the trip, we hardly talked.  He was in Italy.  Between the time difference and conflicting schedules, there was no time for us.  I snapped that picture during quiet time yesterday.  As we sat, side by side with Riley across from us, chatting and catching up it hit me that moments like these are what I remember when he travels or works insane hours.  These are the moments that help me feel whole.

So I could stop there…but then there was this very cute father-son moment yesterday.


Seriously…could you just pass out from cuteness?

And then there was this teaching moment that I almost missed but thankfully didn’t (the laundry might have suffered as a result)…


And just when you think you can throw away the inflatable pool that is entirely too small, it takes on a new function…


The girl can jump!

Incidentally, I’m over at Circle of Moms this week talking about back to school success.  Check it out!

What made you happy this week?

Project Happy: Essence of Now

My friends Jessica and Natalie started a photography series called “Essence of Now”.  It’s designed to tell the everyday moments of our lives in pictures…which reminds me of why I started Project Happy.  So this week I combined the two!  I have a bad feeling that I’m supposed to be using my real camera for this…but this busy mama is just a tad behind on uploading those pictures, so please accept my best iPhone photos of the week.  And, as always, I’m a week behind on Project Happy.  Sigh.

Sean stopped home for a couple of days in between long trips.  The kids were over the moon.  Especially my poor sweet Riley…she misses him terribly when he’s gone.

The three of us have really been enjoying our summer of nothing.  Lots of running, zooming, swimming, and playing…

Riley is officially the expert butterfly catcher in the house.  This one visits us often, but we don’t dare catch her.  Riley is convinced that her wings are “not safe to touch, even with a net”.

And my two lovelies?  Are loving the constant together time.  This happened this morning…and my heart melted.  Oh, how I love these kids.

I hope this week found you happy…


Project Happy Week 25

It’s officially starting to feel like summer around here!  Lazy mornings, swimming, and spending all day outside are a welcome change, indeed.

Sean took three days off this weekend (which is practically unheard of around here), and we enjoyed every minute of it.  That’s a lie.  We didn’t enjoy dealing with ADT and Time Warner Cable…but we enjoyed the rest of it.

Sean and Riley have a sweet little special time activity when he’s home for bedtime.  They wrap themselves up in blankets and read bedtime stories on the balcony off of our master bedroom.  I finally got a picture of it in action…

Isn’t that the cutest?  It melts my heart…

finally took the time to dig out the old (possibly not so clean) sand from Liam’s sandbox and Sean brought in six 50 pound bags of fresh, new play sand.  Wow.  Sand gets really dirty over the course of one year!  Liam is in heaven…he is officially back to full-time digging status.

And Riley and I decided on matching manicures the other day…can you guess who chose the color?

I started this week off right with an early morning trip to the grocery store and a mid-day workout.  I like this summer schedule, for sure!

What made you happy this week?

Maybe just one quick favor?  I’m over at The Writer Revived today (and again on Wednesday) for a little Q&A.  Won’t you stop by?  See you there!

Project Happy: Week 18

I have to admit that this is really two weeks in one.  What can I say?  Kids get sick.

The small moments of happiness are everywhere lately (even with a house full of patients).

Liam is taking great care of his strawberry plants…look!  The berries are starting to grow!

Riley and I enjoyed some much needed special time.  We attended a very fun event where we met up with Jenny and E…the girls had a blast!  What’s better than making your own flip flops and beach balls in bright colors around every corner?

Riley and E playing together? Amazing.

We took a family trip to the LA Zoo…where we (finally) met Giraffie’s parents…

And today…Sean and the kids had a blast flying a kite…

Look at Riley go…all by herself!

The success of Clomid and Cabernet has been both incredible and humbling over the past two weeks.  I am beyond honored that so many people trust me with their stories…and I love seeing new people join the message boards each day.  Thank you for visiting, for sending your friends, and for your continued support.




Project Happy

My children never cease to amaze me.  They find great moments of happiness in the small things, the things that adults take for granted.  The perfect fallen maple leaf leads to jumping up and down.  A ladybug landing nearby results in excitement that can’t be matched.  And an ice cream cone can cure just about anything.

Children find happiness in the small moments along the way.  They aren’t burdened by goals, success, or financial concerns.  They simply make the most of the world around them.

When was the last time you enjoyed the feeling of the wind on your face when you ran down a hill?  When was the last time took a moment to watch a butterfly dance around the yard?  When was the last time you actually did stop to smell the roses?

Instead of setting lofty goals this year, I am committed to focusing on the small moments of happiness that occur each day.  This year I am committed to being mindful of creating happiness each day.

This year I am starting Project Happy.

Project Happy is an attempt to do one thing each day, no matter how small, that truly makes me happy.  It might be a dance party with my kids, it might be a well-deserved trip to the hair salon, or it might be a really good cup of coffee.  Whatever it is, I will enjoy it to the fullest and soak in every bit of happiness that it has to offer.

Once a week, I will write it all down and explore which strategies resulted in the happiest moments for my family and me.  Once a week I will reflect on what it feels like to deliberately say no to stress and yes to small moments of happiness.

I would love for you to share your small moments with me too.  Can I convince you to join me in putting away the big goals for a little while and finding happiness in the small moments instead?  Join #ProjectHappy and say yes to putting happiness first.

Are you in?