No More Mean Girls

Changing the narrative of girlhood… One girl at a time.

No More Mean Girls is a veritable treasure chest of ways to help you help girls learn to love themselves, realize their talents, get along and empathize with others, find their inner courage, and lead more successful and fulfilled lives. Katie’s ideas are based in sound child development theory and proven research, and designed to use with your daughter. The fact is, this may well be the only book you will need to raise great girls.”

From the foreword by Michele Borba, Ed.D, bestselling author of Unselfie and The Big Book of Parenting Solutions

Her suggested activities pave the way for thoughtful parent-daughter discussions and help parents support and empower their daughters. Hurley pairs insightful and instructive discussion of the social battles young girls face with the tools families need to help tackle them successfully. This is a helpful guide for raising strong, assertive, socially intuitive young women.


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“This is a must-read for parents of girls,” says NAPPA Director Elena Epstein. “Katie Hurley does a great job of exploring this very real issue and giving parents solid and realistic advice on how to help their daughters navigate difficult and hurtful situations. We highly recommend this book.”

About No More Mean Girls

In this Queen Bees and Wannabes for the elementary and middle school set, child and adolescent psychotherapist Katie Hurley shows parents of young girls how to nip mean girl behavior in the bud.

Once upon a time, mean girls primarily existed in middle and high school, while elementary school-aged girls spent hours at play and enjoyed friendships without much drama. But in this fast-paced world where young girls are exposed to negative behaviors on TV and social media from the moment they enter school, they are also becoming caught up in social hierarchies much earlier. No More Mean Girls is a guide for parents to help their young daughters navigate tricky territories such as friendship building, creating an authentic self, standing up for themselves and others, and expressing themselves in a healthy way.

The need to be liked by others certainly isn’t a new concept, but this generation of girls is growing up in an age when the “like” button shows the world just how well-liked they are. When girls acknowledge that they possess positive traits that make them interesting, strong, and likeable, however, the focus shifts and their self-confidence soars; “likes” lose their importance. This book offers actionable steps to help parents empower young girls to be kind, confident leaders who work together and build each other up.

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“Her suggested activities pave the way for thoughtful parent-daughter discussions and help parents support and empower their daughters. Hurley pairs insightful and instructive discussion of the social battles young girls face with the tools families need to help tackle them successfully. This is a helpful guide for raising strong, assertive, socially intuitive young women.”


“Addressed to the parents of girls aged three to 13, the book takes on the “mean girl culture” and alerts parents to the signs of relational aggression—behavior intended to harm someone by damaging or manipulating her relationship with others—in their daughters’ daily lives. Hurley helpfully illustrates her advice with a multitude of stories illustrating how girls relate to each other in elementary and middle school, and she provides well-organized ways for them to develop a sense of identity, acquire resilience and autonomy, improve their communication skills, stand up for themselves, and become individually accountable.”

-Publishers Weekly

“Far too many girls, suffering serious stressors and societal pressures at an early age, are struggling with self-esteem and are cruel to one another. In No More Mean Girls, Katie Hurley immerses herself in this complex world and sheds critical light on how we can do the vital work of raising girls who are sturdier, kinder and more able to thrive. Her guidance is wise, practical and concrete, and she doesn’t let us as parents off the hook. She reminds us that we have agency and that we need to take on this serious problem squarely. Read this book.”

-Richard Weissbourd, Senior Lecturer and Faculty Director, Making Caring Common, Harvard Graduate School of Education


“I highly recommend Katie’s book. Now more than ever, young girls need to learn to stand tall and stick together. Katie Hurley’s No More Mean Girls provides a blueprint for parents and educators to raise confident and compassionate leaders in a modern world. The key insight Katie provides is that we all share a responsibility to ourselves and to our girls to live by example and be the change we wish to see.”

-Idina Menzel, Tony Award-winning actress and singer


“Katie Hurley’s No More Mean Girls will be an oft-referenced book on my shelf because Hurley’s expertise goes beyond the academic. Hurley has real, practical experience working with girls, and their words are one of the most valuable parts of this book. Hurley’s practical advice is a boon to any parent who hopes to ease a daughter through the challenging terrain of childhood and adolescence, particularly when that childhood is lived in the harsh spotlight of social media. Hurley’s words are practical, insightful, and helpful, mainly because her priority in writing this book is clear: to help children live happier, healthier, more ethical lives. This book will definitely be on my list of most recommended books for parents and teachers.”

-Jessica Lahey, New York Times bestselling author of The Gift of Failure


“In No More Mean Girls, Katie Hurley does the impossible – she takes the mystery and angst out of parenting a teen girl by thoughtfully illuminating her thoughts and experiences. With practical language and relatable anecdotes, Katie offers real compassion for the parent and teen that covers tough subjects, common stressors, and points of conflict. No More Mean Girls is not just a guide to raising healthy, independent, and capable women, it’s a light toward a brighter future for us all. I hope this book reaches the hands of every parent, teacher, coach, mentor, and individual who play a role in helping girls grow and thrive in today’s world.”

-Rachel Macy Stafford, New York Times bestselling author of Hands Free MamaHands Free Life, and Only Love Today 


“We as a society are witnessing a radical moment in our evolution, one in which we recognize how crucial it is that we raise our daughters to be strong, caring, fierce advocates for themselves and for one another. Katie Hurley’s No More Mean Girls provides a practical road map for doing just that—guiding girls through the challenges of growing up so that they become the compassionate leaders so needed in this world. An essential handbook for parents, teachers, counselors, and anyone who is fortunate enough to contribute to the raising of our precious daughters. I can’t recommend No More Mean Girls enough.”

-Susan Stiffelman, MFT, author of Parenting with Presence and Parenting Without Power Struggles


“Katie beautifully intertwines two decades of working with girls, the experience of raising a daughter, her own kind and compassionate heart, and practical solutions to affect positive change to produce one of the most important books of our time. No More Mean Girls not only provides poignant points backed by research as well as real-life examples straight from the mouths of girls, it arms you with practical advice and activities that will turn your knowledge into actionable steps. This is a must-read for anyone raising, influencing, teaching, or coaching girls.”

– Rebecca Eanes, author of Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide


“Thank you, thank you Katie Hurley! No More Mean Girls is nothing short of a lifesaver—the penicillin our culture needs to treat the mean girl epidemic. At a time when virtually no child is immune from the toxic impact of relational aggression, Hurley empowers us to raise ‘upstanders’—girls who can confidently communicate with and support others in the face of rumors, gossip, alliance building and social exclusion. A parent couldn’t ask for more.”

-Jennifer Lehr, author of ParentSpeak: What’s Wrong with How We Talk to Our Children—and What to Say Instead


“Cliques and cruelty begin earlier than ever before, and this book is the first of its kind to help parents prevent mean girl culture and connect with their daughters in a powerful way. As a child and adolescent psychotherapist and parenting educator, I wish I had this book years ago—and I hope that it is read by every parent, professional, teacher, mentor, and human who wants to help empower girls and finally put an end to the mean girl culture.”

-Emily Roberts, MA, child and adolescent psychotherapist and author of Express Yourself


“Katie Hurley gives us the tools to change the narrative of girlhood and end mean-girl culture. As both a parent and a child development specialist, I will not only be recommending this book to others but referencing it often myself. Thank you, Katie, for this exceptional work!”
—Dr. Robyn Silverman, host of the podcast How to Talk to Kids About Anything and author of Good Girls Don’t Get Fat


“No More Mean Girls is an essential guide for parents and educators who want to empower girls to build each other up, lead with integrity, learn to work through their own stumbling blocks, and finally put to rest the “mean girl” narrative that pulls girls down. Filled with compassion and practical strategies, this book focuses on helping girls find their true voices.”

-Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD, co-author of Growing Friendships: A Kid’s Guide to Making and Keeping Friends


“More than ever, in our culture of cruelty, not only in our schools and communities, but where kids (especially girls) spend a majority of their time — online, they are faced with complicated issues that didn’t exist in generations prior. Katie Hurley brilliantly provides parents (and adults) this reassuring guide that offers both practical tips and real life scenarios to help you help your child navigate the world with confidence and compassion as she grows. No More Mean Girls is the beginning of hope for a kind and empathic generation.”

-Sue Scheff, author of Shame Nation: The Global Epidemic of Online Hate


“The landscape of girlhood is constantly changing, and even the youngest girls are tasked with learning how to navigate tricky social situations and emotional upheaval. No More Mean Girls provides practical, research-based tips for raising strong, confident, and compassionate girls. A must read for parents and educators!”

-Amy McCready, author of The “Me, Me, Me” Epidemic: A Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Capable, Grateful Kids in an Over-Entitled World


“There has never been a better time or more need for No More Mean Girls than now. As a parenting author, mother of a daughter and survivor of the mean girl scene myself, I found this book so insightful, helpful and enlightening. Based on many years of Katie’s professional experience, along with extensive proven research, she gives practical examples of how parents can work together with their daughters to help them navigate their life’s journey through this challenging time. If you want your daughter to love herself more, get along well with others and empathize while respecting her own boundaries and just generally be more fulfilled, strong and settled in herself, I can’t recommend this book enough. I only wish it had been around sooner!”

-Jessica Joelle Alexander co-author of The Danish Way of Parenting; What the Happiest People in The World Know About Raising Confident Capable Kids


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