Therapy Services


Therapy Services

Virtual Services for Tweens, Teens, and Young Adults

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy:

Does your child struggle with excessive worry, school refusal, or overwhelming sadness? Katie specializes in treating children and adolescents with anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, low self-esteem, and stress. Using a combination of positive psychology techniques and Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dr. Katie helps kids and teens identify, process, and work through their triggers and build healthy coping skills. Psychotherapy sessions run $250 for 50 minutes.

Teen Support Sessions:

Many teens benefit from additional social support but don't need weekly psychotherapy sessions. In teen support sessions, Dr. Katie helps teens build resilience and problem-solving skills while working through their mild to moderate daily stress. Teen support sessions are conducted via Zoom or other video platforms and run $250 for 50 minutes.

Parent Support Sessions:

Parenting can feel complicated, and many parents benefit from support and specific strategies to help their kids work through different developmental stages and thrive in this modern world. Dr. Katie is available for parent support sessions via Zoom or other video conference platforms. These sessions are designed to help parents identify their areas of need and create specific plans to address issues within the family. Sessions run $250 for 50 minutes.

Girls Can! Empowerment Groups for Girls

Dr. Katie is the founder of Girls Can! - a series of workshops for elementary school girls in the Los Angeles area. At Girls Can, we believe that encouraging girls to work through the ups and downs of girlhood together helps girls practice lifting each other up. Through a variety of interactive games, role plays, and creative projects, girls talk about all kinds of hot topics, including: Self-confidence, making and keeping friends, assertiveness, standing up for others, and many more. We focus on one key topic each week, but we also find that girls come to the group with ideas and topics they want to discuss!

Groups are run throughout the year, depending on need and availability. Groups run $30 for 45 minutes.