The Stress-Buster Workbook for Kids


The Stress-Buster Workbook for Kids

Proven Strategies to Manage BIG Emotions, Build Coping Skills, and Find Fast Relief for Stressed-Out Kids

Kids today are growing up in a world that runs on stress. From bullying, peer pressure, and demanding academic expectations, modern-day kids are often faced with obstacles that can feel insurmountable. In The Stress-Buster Workbook for Kids, Katie Hurley delivers 75 evidence-based strategies, activities, and scripts to help children navigate the stressors of everyday life, overcome challenges, and build self-confidence.

Designed to offer a myriad of stress-busting solutions―as every kid is different and needs different tools that work for them―this book is an ideal resource for parents, teachers, therapists, and any other professionals working with kids ages 4–11. Being a kid isn’t always easy, but with these tried-and-true strategies, they’ll learn how to conquer their biggest obstacles and realize that they can do hard things.

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Editorial Reviews

―Joanne Foster, Ed.D. - Award-winning author/co-author of several books including Being Smart about Gifted Learning, Bust Your BUTS, and Beyond Intelligence.

Katie Hurley seamlessly combines reassuring words and thought-provoking activities, making this THE go-to book for children experiencing stress (whether it’s sometimes or often). Life can be complicated, but the author’s experiential know-how, soothing tone, and creative worksheets provide multiple ways forward to help kids confront difficulties, seize the day, and feel good about themselves. “Claps for you, Katie!”.

―Michele Borba, Ed.D., educational psychologist and author of UnSelfie and Thrivers: The Surprising Reasons Why Some Kids Struggle and Others Shine.

“Stress-Busters is a fun and engaging resource, packed with easy to use strategies, for kids experiencing stress and the grownups who love them! And it is written by one of the foremost mental health authorities on children and teens. Highly recommended!.