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Addiction, Mental Health, and Parenting: Why You Need to Connect the Dots


I can't pretend to know what fighting addiction truly entails.  I have friends who fight for their sobriety every day.  They never miss a … [Continue reading...]

Distracted No More with Hands Free Mama

hfm_final cover (3)

I have a love/not-so-love relationship with technology. There are times when I feel like I couldn't possibly live without my iPhone.  When my … [Continue reading...]

Get a HAPPY Start to 2014!


Happy New Year, Practical friends!  We hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday season are are ready to hit the ground playing in 2014! We are snowed … [Continue reading...]

And then there was a book…


I have wanted to be an author since I was eight years old... I remember sitting in my pink and green room, colors chosen for (not by) me, with a … [Continue reading...]

TIC Holiday 101: The Babysitter Checklist


  Holiday season is officially in full swing (we even have some cooler temperatures out here in SoCal to show for it), and today I have some … [Continue reading...]

My Kind of Holiday: The Kid Detective (Giveaway!)


Many kids write a holiday list sometime around the beginning of December.  They tend to have certain "must have" items in mind.  But you might find … [Continue reading...]

My Kind of Holiday: Baking with Kids!


What's my kind of holiday? (You know you have those catchy ads stuck in your head, too.)  One spent baking with my kids, of course! All of my … [Continue reading...]

Beat Holiday Stress with a Seasonal Toolkit


Tis the season…for holiday stress. Yes, the holidays are full of excitement, bright lights, pretty candles, and gifts of all sizes.  And while the … [Continue reading...]

Good Karma and a Few Tips on Living the Simple Life

Tucker On the Elephant Swing

Jenny Feldon believes in karma.  Not the oh my gosh this place has bad karma let's get out of here kind of karma, but the live with intention, make … [Continue reading...]