Get Your Style On with Back-to-School Clothes at Target! ($300 Giveaway)


  My daughter loves clothes.  LOVES clothes.  She changes her outfits several times a day and she spends time creating each look.  There are … [Continue reading...]

Shop at Target for Back to School and Help Students in Need


Like many of you, I'm feeling sad because my baby is heading off to school this year.  It's kindergarten, and it's a short day, but baby is … [Continue reading...]

Don’t Leave Your Kids in the Car…No Matter the Weather


  Another child died yesterday after being left unattended in a parked car on a sweltering summer day.  This time in an affluent town in … [Continue reading...]

On Redefining Happiness…


  The Making Caring Common Project released some very interesting research last week, and if you haven't seen it you should really take a … [Continue reading...]

Life Lessons from Dad


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On putting an end to “Boys will be boys”


There's this saying in parenting and it kind of drives me nuts.  It's been around since I was a kid, and it continues to thrive today.  People use it … [Continue reading...]

Parenting Articles Worth Checking Out…


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Common Core Stress? Advocate, don’t argue


I admit it:  I was in hysterics when I read the answer that dad provided for the math question on the second grade test.  The question was not a good … [Continue reading...]

Joining Forces with Scary Mommy


It might take a village to raise a child, but it takes a tribe to kickstart a writing career.  I've been very fortunate along the way.  I've met some … [Continue reading...]

Facebook Free for 40 Days…


I gave up Facebook for Lent. I know, right?  How will I get the most important news stories?  Do I really have to scroll through the CNN app on my … [Continue reading...]